How do you get that perfect holiday stuffing texture without the magical powers of eggs? Lucky for you, I've got a recipe that'll make it happen.

Here's the secret: vegetable broth. We add it not once, but twice to the stuffing mixture. First, when it's in the skillet, and again before baking. And that's not all - we've got finely chopped, toasted pecans that not only add a satisfying crunch but also act like flour, soaking up that broth and binding the whole thing together.

But wait, there's more! To prevent any dryness, we bake the stuffing under foil for the first 20 minutes. This ensures that the top stays moist and delicious.

Trust me, when you serve up this traditional stuffing, even the non-vegans will be begging for seconds. It's that good.

Yield: 6 - 8 Servings


1 (1-pound) baguette or peasant loaf, cut into 1-inch cubes (about 10 cups)

½ cup pecans (2 ounces)

4 tablespoons vegan butter, plus more for greasing the dish

1 large onion, chopped (about 1½ cups)

3 to 4 celery stalks, chopped (about 2 cups)

3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh sage leaves

2 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves

¼ cup chopped parsley

3 cups Chef Ron's Super Mineral Broth Original

Kosher salt and black pepper


Achieve stuffing perfection with these simple steps. First, let your bread cubes air out overnight, or if you're short on time, pop them in the oven for a quick dry.
Next, get the oven preheated to 350 degrees and butter up that casserole dish. Don't forget about the pecans - a quick roast and chop will give them a toasty flavor.
Now it's time to add some flavor to your veggies. Heat up some butter in a skillet and sauté onions and celery until they're nice and clear. Don't be shy with the herbs - sage, thyme, and parsley are a must.
Mix it all together with the bread cubes and a generous amount of broth. Throw in those pecans for an added crunch. Taste and season as you see fit - but keep in mind that vegan butter is already salty.
Transfer the mixture to your baking dish, drizzle with more broth, and get it in the oven. After a short bake and a quick uncover, you'll have a beautiful golden top.
Now all that's left to do is serve it up and bask in the glory of your delicious stuffing creation. Bon appétit!

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How do you get that perfect holiday stuffing texture without the magical powers of eggs? Lucky for you, I've got a recipe that'll make it happen.Here's the secret: vegetable broth....

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